Alan Scott


Alan Scott has architected, developed and led all size teams, focused around building healthcare platforms, for almost twenty years. His current role is Integration and Big Data Architect for HCA. Before joining HCA, his previous experience includes working with government healthcare systems including Trinidad and Canada, several national lab vendors, large healthcare payers and numerous healthcare systems including the Military Health System. His clinical integration experience has led to speaking engagements at numerous vendor conferences. He has also earned Drummond EHR certification for developed products, holds four patents for clinical integration platforms and has architectural and strategic responsibility for two of the largest integration technology implementations in the world, Cloverleaf and BizTalk. Alan also sits on numerous vendor and industry technical and product advisory boards. He was awarded Nashville Technology Council’s 2015 Architect/Developer of the Year.



Presentation Details

Integration to Enable and Empower Innovation in the Clinical Space

Less than a decade ago the overwhelming majority of integration in healthcare was connecting two disparate systems at a transactional level. However, as we look to the future of healthcare, what is integration’s potential role and does it change? To answer the question let’s consider just some of the changes within the last five years and their impact to healthcare organizations: the emergence of new technologies, industry standards continued maturity, mandates at all levels of government, and reimbursement changes. This presentation should provide clinical and technical team members a way to look at integration at several different levels including culture, practices, processes and technical capabilities with a focus toward enablement and empowering innovation

Learning Objectives:
The goal after attending this presentation is for attendees to be able to walk away with the ability to discuss, assess, analyze and understand their capabilities specific to the use of integration to empower and innovate.