Amy Castillo


Amy Castillo is an accomplished learning strategist and leader with over 20 years of experience in assessing, developing and delivering innovative, effective learning solutions across a variety of instructional mediums – classroom, simulation, virtual classroom, distance learning, e-learning, social learning and online communities of practice.

At Trinity Health, she has spearheaded the organization’s efforts to leverage Jive for social learning, and has successfully brought nearly 750 new clinical users to this collaboration community in the past 6 months. Amy creates strategy, designs, develops and teaches others to create social learning communities of practice to support strategic leadership and professional development programs. She is passionate about design and developing innovative and effective learning solutions that impact business outcomes.



Presentation Details

Engaging Physicians and Clinicians in Social Learning and Collaboration Using Jive

At Trinity Health, we have successfully brought our physicians, residents, and clinicians together to learn and collaborate on clinical and leadership topics in a social learning environment, using Jive.

In this session, you will learn about our journey to this successful launch and our on-going efforts to build and sustain gmeUniversity© for residents and faculty, Clinical Leadership Development for senior clinical leaders, and the various clinical virtual summits we have supported through online learning communities.

We will share success stories, obstacles we have overcome, and strategies for engaging physicians and clinical leaders in a new way to learn and grow.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe Trinity Health’s approach to social learning
  • Identify three different types of social learning communities
  • Discuss how social learning has engaged clinicians and physicians across the system
  • Share lessons learned in creating and sustaining learning communities