Dr. Bill Galanter


Dr. Galanter is a practicing general internist who works in clinical informatics for the University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System, a tertiary urban academic hospital. He is also the Chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee, has been the Medical Director of Information Systems for over 15 years, and recently the Associate Chief Health Information Officer. He has conducted research in clinical informatics for roughly 15 years. Initially the research was focused on basic questions in clinical decision support and then broadened to clinician prescribing patterns, data mining and other fields associated with medication related patient safety. He is an active educator teaching students of medication, pharmacy and health informatics about clinical informatics, medication safety and research study design.



Presentation Details

Connecting Medication to Indications to Improve Data Quality and Safety

Problem Lists, Diagnoses and Medication Lists in electronic medical records (EMR) are fundamental for clinical care, billing, Meaningful Use and data exchange.  EMR’s tend to see these entities as separate function, mimicking how they were in the paper chart. Clinicians, who know that they are clinically connected, are frustrated with the amount of clicks required to take care of all these lists and the lack of connection between them.  Using a Clinical Decision Support (CDS) system connections can be made between the ordering of medication and laboratory tests to help automatically load certain types of problems in the problem list. This process can improve problem and diagnosis list completeness as well as prevent medication errors when the problem list and medication order do not match clinically.

Learning Objectives:

  • Appreciate that diagnoses/problems can be connected to medications using clinical logic
  • Understand that EMR “awareness” of diagnoses at the time of medication CPOE can decrease medication errors.
  • Realize that the problem and diagnosis list can augmented conveniently during order workflow.