Billy Waldrop


Billy Waldrop has spent his career of over 25 years managing and developing complex IT systems for the retail, manufacturing, and healthcare industries. Over the last decade, he has contributed greatly to the advancement of interoperability across transitions of care for the ambulatory and Post-Acute Care communities. Prior to VoroHealth, he spent nearly ten years at Mayo Clinic, where he supervised and directed teams responsible for the development and support of clinical informatics and revenue cycle systems. Billy holds a Master’s degree in Business along with Management certifications from Mayo Clinic.


Presentation Details

Connecting the Last Mile : Data Exchange for the Real World

As healthcare transitions from payment for services to payment for quality and outcomes, the need for sharing patient information across the care continuum grows.  This presentation will address key challenges facing clinicians in this shifting healthcare landscape and highlight innovative solutions that support robust data exchange between all providers.

This session will begin with some clarity regarding commonly used terms around interoperability which often cause confusion and frustration for clinicians regarding data exchange.  Incorporating non-eligible provider data to obtain a more comprehensive view of a patient will be examined.  LTPAC facilities and agencies are significant data contributors to a comprehensive view of the complex patient.  Improving information sharing and communication during transitions of care requires participation from these providers.

The session will further provide examples of currently used standards, approaches, and innovations in interoperability, which allows the “last mile” of providers to participate in data exchange and aids in the improvement of transitions of care. This presentation will explore the successful strategies utilized by Central Illinois Health Information Exchange to include primary care providers, specialty practices, skilled nursing facilities and home health agencies in health information exchange.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand commonly used terms associated with interoperability
  • Define ways in which interoperability creates a framework for quality patient care
  • Examine current strategies implemented by the Central Illinois HIE to facilitate improvements during transitions of care