Damian Mingle


As Chief Data Scientist, Damian manages a team of experts transforming well-organized data into meaningful strategic insights. As the lead for the WPC Healthcare predictive analytics service Damian offers payers, hospitals systems and HIT vendors descriptive analytics, exploratory data analysis, inferential analytics, and mechanistic analysis.

Prior to WPC Damian has held a variety of positions in the healthcare, finance, and mortgage banking industries working with companies like Hospital Corporation of America, Coventry Healthcare, and Morgan Stanley. In his free time he and his team regularly participate in global competitions to solve intricate data related problems for organizations like the Mayo Clinic.



Presentation Details

Combating Sepsis Proactively: Using Non-Clinical Data to Get Ahead of the Problem

Sepsis is one of the top “harms” identified by the CMS for hospitals. Instead of just reacting to a sepsis case or outbreak, what if clinicians could identify, with 85 percent accuracy, those patients at highest risk? What if you didn’t need clinical data to make these kinds of predictions? Attendees learn how WPC is working with hospitals to stop sepsis before it starts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop top-line awareness of the predictive power of data science to prevent sepsis in patients
  • Review results of sepsis prediction pilot project (if complete) conducted between WPC and a hospital organization