Dr. Deborah Ariosto


Dr. Ariosto joined Vanderbilt in 2008 as Director of Patient Care Informatics to create a new role envisioned to help standardize, simplify, and enhance the work of nursing. She brought a unique set of experiences to the position as a clinician, researcher, product & project manager, implementer of clinical information systems, and student of human-computer interaction. Her research has focused on alert fatigue and technology supported nursing care.

An early Vanderbilt success transformed paper based nursing care plans to a simplified, coded problem list, bringing a new dimension to the interdisciplinary plan of care. Most recently, she helped lead an initiative that resulted in a 30% reduction of nursing documentation using a structured terminology approach aligned with a professional practice model. Her current focus is on analytics related to evaluating the impact of technology on care. She is committed to disseminating new informatics knowledge through teaching and national forums – and recently served as co-chair for AMIA’s 2016 iHealth conference.


Presentation Details

Precision Care

Many resources are being dedicated to the exciting new field of “Precision Medicine” that tailors disease treatment based on an individuals DNA. Yet there is still much debate as to how best to achieve desired outcomes of care. While there is a greater understanding of the person’s genetic material (genotype), the possible combination of how this will be influenced by the patient’s environment and expressed (phenotype) in terms of clinical outcomes is far more complex. The focus of medicine is to diagnose and treat the disease. The focus of nursing is to diagnoses and treat a person’s response to disease and collaboratively administers care in a technology enabled (or constrained) practice environment. This talk will address 2 aspects of “Precision care” through a nursing lens: (1) the patient phenotype and (2) the environment and tools that impact the delivery of precision medicine.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role of the nurse in precision medicine.
  • Describes some of the nursing challenges in administering precision medicine related care.
  • Describe patient attributes that influence care outcomes.