Diane M. Carr, MA, FHIMSS, Healthcare Executive and Educator


Diane M. Carr, MA, FHIMSS, has served since 2006 as deputy executive director for operations at the North Bronx Healthcare Network, which includes two public hospitals, Jacobi Medical Center and North Central Bronx Hospital, as well as two community based health centers.  In addition to Information Technology, Diane has responsibility for planning, design and construction, supply chain, security, pharmacy, engineering and maintenance, environmental services and support services.  Her experience using technology to transform clinical and business processes is both wide and deep.

From 1993 to 2006 Diane was a senior executive at the Queens Health Network. The North Bronx and Queens networks are part of the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation, one of the largest municipal healthcare systems in the country.

In Queens, Diane oversaw the implementation of an electronic health record to increase patient safety and information access at the network’s two hospitals, Elmhurst Hospital Center and Queens Hospital. In 2002 the Queens network was the recipient of the 2002 Nicholas E. Davies Award for Excellence in computerized patient record implementation.

Before entering the health field, she was chief of staff to a member of the New York State Legislature and Deputy General Services Commissioner, a $252 million-a-year government department in Suffolk County, N.Y.

She is the author of several articles on electronic health records. Carr holds a masters degree in public administration from Stony Brook University in NY. She also attended Harvard School of Public Health’s program in health systems management.

Currently, Diane serves on the HIMSS NA Board of Directors, and since 1998 has chaired a number of committees and represented HIMSS as a member of the HIT delegation visit to Israel in January 2013.  For fiscal year 2017, she was selected Chair of the HIMSS NA Finance Committee.  Diane joined the faculty at Stony Brook University’s School of Health Technology and Management as Clinical Assistant Professor in Health Sciences in December 2015.



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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Lessons Learned for Aspiring Female Executives

The health IT field has emerged as a distinct profession with meaningful and well-paying careers.  For women, achieving pay equity with their male counterparts and achieving positions at the highest levels in health organizations has proven difficult. This session hosts lessons learned, experiences, and counsel from female executives who have achieved much in the health IT field. What propelled these panelists to success – Ambition? Leadership?  Networking? Performance? Smarts?  How have these executives addressed personal, professional, and organizational challenges?  How can their success inspire others to excel not only in health IT, but other areas too?

Moderated by: Carla Smith, MA, CNM, FHIMSS, HIMSS Executive Vice President @CarlaMSmith


  • Dana Alexander, Divurgent @DanaN2Health
  • Diane M. Carr, MA, FHIMSS, Healthcare Executive and Educator
  • Willa Fields, DNSc, RN, FHIMSS, Professor at San Diego State University
  • Miriam Paramore, FHIMSS, Lucro Marketplace @miriamparamore
  • Jennifer Dennard, Founder, #HealthITChicks

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss advancement strategies for female executives looking to excel in the health information technology field.
  • Evaluate different leadership styles of female executives and the impact they may have on their career path.
  • Discuss the impact that female executives can have an organization.