Jessica Sweeney‐Platt

Jessica Sweeney‐Platt is an Executive Director with athenaResearch, a team that analyzes data from across
athenahealth’s platforms to uncover best practices in client performance. athenaResearch shares these findings with
clients and the industry at large through live meetings, white papers and industry press.
Prior to her role at athenahealth, Jessica was a Managing Director with The Advisory Board Company, a Washington, DCbased
health care research and technology provider. There, she was responsible for sharing the company’s research
findings with members at annual meetings and on‐site. With specific terrain expertise in accountable care strategy,
medical group growth strategies and inpatient care redesign, Jessica focused much of her time on working with research
teams to create and deliver interactive teaching modules, onsite presentations and workshops.
Jessica was also formerly a Managing Director with the Corporate Executive Board, a for‐profit network of executives at
the world’s largest and most progressive organizations. She ran the HR Executive Forum, a membership program for
human resources executives at mid‐sized firms, and was a leading expert in the field of HR strategy. She also was
responsible for executive education in the company’s Strategy and Innovation practice.
Ms. Sweeney‐Platt earned a B.A in History from Yale University. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband,
three children, and a German shepherd.