John Burry


John Burry began his 20-year career in application development as a development lead and Group Program Manager at Microsoft then worked in the mobile space for 12 years in the roles of Chief Applications Architect, CEO and President of mobile app development companies that shipped household name games and apps. Today John leverages this experience as a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services, focusing on IoT, Mobile and gaming architectures.



Presentation Details

Leveraging Amazon Echo and AWS to build IoT Applications

Alexa, what is the Internet of Things? With technology getting smaller and being embedded in every day devices more and more, in this presentation we will explore how to leverage this technology shift in healthcare. We will discuss what these future applications might be and spending time walking through how to quickly build a service using Echo, the AWS IoT platform, Lambda, SNS and DynamoDB.

Learning Objectives:

  • How the Internet of Things is changing the world with case studies showcasing where we are and where we’re going.
  • The key technical concepts of IoT architectures.
  • Big Data, the rest of the IoT story.