Micah Winkelsphect


Micah Winkelspecht is the CEO and Founder of Gem. Micah has been active in bitcoin since 2012. In the early days, Micah established an active Bitcoin community in Los Angeles and grew it to over 1,000 members. Micah is also a significant contributor to the blockchain developer community as the author of MoneyTree, a popular opensource library used to create blockchain wallets and the first Ruby implementation of a Bitcoin HD wallet. Prior to his contributions to blockchain technology, Micah spent 10+ years developing software for companies including AT&T Interactive, Guide Financial and Pose.

When it was founded, Gem offered security-as-a-service for developers building on top of Bitcoin. As blockchain technology popularized, Gem was increasingly approached by financial institutions to apply our security to other digital assets. We designed GemOS to expand security beyond digital assets, to apply it to identity, data, and logic frameworks that can be implemented on a blockchain. Today, Gem works with leaders in finance, healthcare, insurance and beyond.



Presentation Details

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies Panel

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies have the potential to enable new, innovative solutions to some of the industry-level problems in healthcare.  Blockchain is commonly known as the technology behind the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.  The value of the Blockchain is in its open, decentralized database that is used to record and share transactions between entities using a secure, distributed network of computers.  This shared, immutable registry of events are linked in chronological order, creating a new foundation for smart contracts and business logic.  Advocates believe that the ledger and its ability to enforce complex rules holds the potential to break through current healthcare challenges such as interoperability, identity, shared medical records, and friction in the supply chain. In this presentation, the panel will describe the fundamentals of blockchain technology and discuss how its application in healthcare can lead to better decision-making, lower costs and higher quality care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basics of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Understand how entrepreneurs and innovators are beginning to use this technology in healthcare.
  • Understand why your business may need to evaluate Blockchain technology and consider its potential impact.