Randall Dennis


Randall Dennis is an edtech and biztech executive who serves as COO of Tennessee’s only Tier 1 IT managed services provider. He previously served as Chief Strategy Officer for an INC 500 edtech firm and is recognized nationally as a thought-leader, keynote speaker and moderator for national edtech conventions.


Presentation Details

Security: New Tools to Strengthen the Weakest Links

Have you watched your best security and compliance plans run afoul because of end-users? Users are typically not adequately trained and insufficient data is collected to measure their proficiencies and learning progree. New tools for e-learning are emerging that go beyond enterprise-wide distribution of training videos or webinars. These tools even exceed SCORM-compliance standards to leverage xAPI (experience API) for comprehensive data analytics both inside and outside of the LMS environ.

Edtech specialist Randall Dennis shares the latest in e-learning innovations to demonstrate the power and potential of xAPI and LRS.

Learning Objectives:

Understand commonly used terms associated with interoperabilityWe ask all our speakers to provide three tangible points that attendees can walk away with and know that they got a value out of the presentation. Please let us know what these will be.

  1. We will identify the greatest security risks associated with end-users
  2. Gain an overview of the capabilities and benefits of xAPI and LRS
  3. Understand how to identify end-users’ understanding (or lack of understanding) and proficiencies (or weaknesses) on security related matters