Rena Brewer


Rena Brewer, RN, MA, CEO of Global Partnership for Telehealth, Inc., has 11 years’ experience in building telemedicine networks across the southeast.  Global Partnership for Telehealth, Inc. (GPT), a charitable nonprofit corporation was formed as the umbrella organization for the Georgia Partnership for Telehealth, the Alabama Partnership for Telehealth, and the Florida Partnership for Telehealth which are nonprofits dedicated to promoting improvements in healthcare by assisting in the establishment of telehealth programs.

As GPT has expanded operations; international opportunities with mission organizations developed resulting in the 2013 formation of GPT Missions.  GPT Missions is partnering with various mission organizations to implement telehealth services in orphanages, clinics, and hospitals in Guatemala, Afghanistan, and Honduras.

Prior to her current position she served as the Director of the Southeastern TeleHealth Resource Center, one of 14 federally funded regional & national resource centers providing  support & guidance to those wishing to implement telehealth services.



Presentation Details

Telehealth: Technology + Healthcare = Opportunity!


Telehealth has proven to be an effective means to deliver healthcare and is finding acceptance from renowned health systems to large and small employee health centers across the country.  The industry is experiencing tremendous growth providing for entrepreneurial opportunities and expansion of services for many to include providers, health systems, technology developers, and an array of other healthcare stakeholders to include insurers, employers, tele-communication providers, and policy makers.  Factors influencing telehealth growth:

  • Providers and Health Systems wanting to Expand Services, Improve Patient Outcomes, or Deliver Care from a Distance
  • Developers of Improved and Affordable Telehealth Technologies
  • Software Developers of Effective and User-Friendly Wellness and Chronic Disease Management Applications.
  • Policy Makers and Regulators Supportive of the Advancement of Telehealth to Increase Healthcare Access & Reduce Cost
  • Increase in Consumer (Patient) Interest and Demand for Telehealth
  • Availability of Devices with Telehealth Capacity from Smart Phones to PCs.
  • Increase in Retail & Direct to Consumer Telehealth

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participant will be able to verbalize the positive impact telehealth is having on the delivery of healthcare.
  2. Participant will be able to verbalize drivers influencing the growth of telehealth.
  3. Participant will be able to verbalize areas of growth where entrepreneurs and the telehealth technology industry can support the rapid expansion and growth of services.