Robert Berra


Bob is principal of Nashville-based, RBConsulting, a strategic healthcare marketing firm. Berra has over 25 years experience in directing and managing marketing communication and business development strategies for health technology, health services and life sciences companies. He has been at the forefront of leading many game-changing initiatives throughout his career. He was active in the HMO movement working with the pioneering Southern California-based health plan, Health Net in the mid-‘80s. He was also involved in the early stages of the drug formulary initiatives and developing regional prescription drug networks. Later, Bob worked with the country’s largest managed Medicare provider, FHP, prior to its acquisition by PacifiCare. His experience in that arena led to engagements with PacifiCare (United); WellPoint/Anthem; Blue Shield of California and Humana where he helped the health plan roll out its industry-leading Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans across the country as well as work with CIGNA supporting the health plan’s efforts around healthcare reform.

Previously, as a founding partner of the industry-leading marketing firm, FischerHealth, Bob helped reshape the way in which medical diagnostics, devices and health information technology products and services were marketed and sold into the nation’s leading regional and national hospitals, health systems and health plans. From working with Fortune 500 companies such as Boston Scientific, Elsevier, Ernst & Young, Fuji Medical, McKesson, Medtroinc, and Toshiba, to emerging companies including Alere, epocrates, HeartWare, iScribe, Thoratec, Vital Data Technology, and others, he helped hone both the marketing and business development approaches that led to successful c-suite engagements, sales, market growth, and in appropriate circumstances, successful exit strategies for his clients.



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Diagnostic Information Technology – Analytics and Algorithms that are Improving Care and Lowering Costs


Understanding how each individual metabolizes specific pharmaceuticals; knowing whether a person’s DNA is more likely to respond positively or negatively to certain therapeutics; and understanding gene expression patterns – knowing whether a gene is “turned on” or “turned off” are evolutionary keys to:

  • Knowing whether a prescription drug therapy plan is working as intended, providing no clinical value, or causing harm
  • Evaluating a person’s likely response to a life-changing treatment plan
  • Confirming a Yes or No complex autoimmune diagnosis

In the truest sense of the word, today’s breakthroughs in diagnostic information technology are elevating the health system’s ability to provide the most effective care, at the most appropriate time at the most reasonable costs.

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion where we explore how the diagnostic information technology revolution is reshaping and redefining population health management. Game-changing companies located here in the southeast will represent the panel:

  • Sano Informed Prescribing ( – Timothy P. Ryan, PhD, Founder, CEO/CSO, Sano Informed Prescribing
  • IQuity ( – Drew Harmata, PhD, CEO
  • NextDxGx ( – Gillian Hooker, PhD, CGC, Vice President, Clinical Development
  • RBConsulting ( – Robert Berra, Principal