Ron Styers


Over 40+ years’ experience as an information technologist, business process engineer, healthcare consultant, and entrepreneur.  I am currently managing the IT Hardware and IS Software teams for the CHS Home Care Division.  Responsibilities include project managing installation of new offices, and managing a 24 hour call center. CHS Home Care and Hospice has over 3000 nurses, physical therapist, clinical supervisors, administrators and staff that provide health care services to more than10,000 patients each month.    Prior, I was an entrepreneur of an IT consulting firm, Cottonwood Technologies for over 15 years before selling the company to Web Health Ventures.  Many of the consulting projects encompassed multiple technologies and included developing custom software applications.  The software applications merged large amounts data from different databases to provide comprehensive solutions for healthcare organizations.



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Mobile Technologies used to provide Patient Care in the Home

Providing quality patient care is easy if there are enough qualified, trained medical professionals.  But staffing, scheduling, documentation, and receiving payment is difficult.  These require large numbers of medical records from multiple sources to document the care provided.  The documentation must be accurate, timely and auditable.  CHS Home Care utilizes an EMR, electronic medical record, application hosted in the “Cloud”.  The nurses, physical therapist, and clinical supervisors enter patient notes directly into a mobile phone with the help of an Android application that syncs with the Cloud based EMR system.

The entire process was created utilizing multiple technologies that include Android Mobile Phones, HomeCareHomeBase EMR application, electronic faxing and a document preprocessing software. These technologies improve accuracy and timeliness in documenting the patient’s care. The goal of this presentation is to explain how it all works together.