Tim Dickinson


With years of experience in systems integration, Tim knows how to make organizations more effective and efficient. He focuses on identifying the challenges in L&D departments, understanding the tools needed to overcome them, and measuring learning’s impact on performance. Tim’s extensive knowledge of corporate learning, billing, CRM, and ERP systems and background in working with all levels of the organization means he gets it—facts and data matter. He’s the guy who makes the most complex matters easy to digest.



Presentation Details

Security: New Tools to Strengthen the Weakest Links

Have you watched your best security and compliance plans run afoul because of end-users? Users are typically not adequately trained and insufficient data is collected to measure their proficiencies and learning progree. New tools for e-learning are emerging that go beyond enterprise-wide distribution of training videos or webinars. These tools even exceed SCORM-compliance standards to leverage xAPI (experience API) for comprehensive data analytics both inside and outside of the LMS environ.

Edtech specialist Randall Dennis shares the latest in e-learning innovations to demonstrate the power and potential of xAPI and LRS.

Learning Objectives:

Understand commonly used terms associated with interoperabilityWe ask all our speakers to provide three tangible points that attendees can walk away with and know that they got a value out of the presentation. Please let us know what these will be.

  1. We will identify the greatest security risks associated with end-users
  2. Gain an overview of the capabilities and benefits of xAPI and LRS
  3. Understand how to identify end-users’ understanding (or lack of understanding) and proficiencies (or weaknesses) on security related matters